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Please note that not all known persons and findings are listed in this Internet database. For an overview of the names and locations covered, visit the remarks for genealogists on my website. For reasons of data protection, information on living persons as well as detailed information and sources are not published. On request, I can help seriously interested family researchers with individual information and sources from my research results.

I inform about changes in the last update of this database under the heading News (Neuigkeiten).

If you use my data in your own research, it is recommended to reference this Internet databases as source. When taking over and possibly publishing information from my research results, please note that these are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which basically means that they may be shared and further processed for any non-commercial purposes if I am named as the originator and the retransmission is done under the same license as the original. The exact terms are in the license agreement, which is linked to the logo...
Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
If applicable, other license rights remain unaffected. This applies in particular to photos from church books and the use of our family crest (please refer to the Imprint)!

For further information, e.g. about our family history, family crest and surname or links, I recommend taking a look at the main page familie-stern.de.

Have fun and success with your research
Jens-Peter Stern

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Top 10 given names


Given names
Given name Individuals
Johann 1,188
Philipp 323
Georg 315
Wilhelm 199
Jacob 192
Friedrich 190
Adam 163
Peter 152
Johannes 147
Henrich 119


Given names
Given name Individuals
Anna 913
Maria 619
Catharina 528
Elisabetha 360
Margaretha 305
NN 288
Barbara 177
Eva 162
Christina 154
Dorothea 123