Christina Magdalena MayAge: 78 years18111890

Christina Magdalena May
Also known as
Maria Christina
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Marriage statusJohann Anton MayView this family

Death April 20, 1890 (Age 78 years)
Latitude: 50.2479 Longitude: 7.7645

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  1. Generation 1
    1. Christina Magdalena May was born on July 17, 1811 in Dienethal and died on April 20, 1890 in Niederbachheim at the age of 78.

      Children of Christina Magdalena May and Johann Anton May:

      1. Maria Katharina Christina May (18511928)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Maria Katharina Christina May, daughter of Johann Anton May and Christina Magdalena May, was born on May 27, 1851 in Niederbachheim and died on June 7, 1928 in Endlichhofen at the age of 77. She married Philipp Aulmann, son of Johann Georg Aulmann and Margaretha Elisabetha Geißel, on January 18, 1874 in Ruppertshofen. He was born on March 27, 1846 in Endlichhofen and died on December 7, 1914 in Endlichhofen at the age of 68.

      Children of Maria Katharina Christina May and Philipp Aulmann:

      1. Maria Philippina Henrietta Aulmann (18741876)
      2. Lina Aulmann (18891976)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Lina Aulmann, daughter of Philipp Aulmann and Maria Katharina Christina May, was born on July 9, 1889 in Endlichhofen and died on September 29, 1976 in Bornich at the age of 87. She married Philipp Jakob “Der elektrische Philipp” Nassau, son of Johann Phillip Nassau and Elisabetha Catharina Becker, on February 13, 1910 in Ruppertshofen. He was born on August 22, 1888 in Bornich and died on March 15, 1976 in Bornich at the age of 87.

      Children of Lina Aulmann and Philipp Jakob “Der elektrische Philipp” Nassau:

      1. Lina Johanna Nassau (19101993)
      2. Ernst Nassau (19181984)