Ottilia Brill1674

Ottilia Brill

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November 14, 1694 (Age 20 years)
Latitude: 50.72177 Longitude: 10.45125

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Marriage: November 14, 1694Schmalkalden
11 months
3 years
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  1. Generation 1
    1. Ottilia Brill, daughter of Hans Brill and NN NN, was born about 1674 in Weidebrunn. She married Johann Christoph Endter, son of Henrich Endter and NN NN, on November 14, 1694 in Schmalkalden. He was born about 1669.

      Children of Ottilia Brill and Johann Christoph Endter:

      1. Catharina Endter (1695)
      2. Johann Michel Endter (1698)
      3. Eva Catharina Endter (1701)
      4. Johann Henrich Endter (1705)
      5. Eva Elisabeth Endter (1709)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Johann Michel Endter, mayer (on February 26, 1740) and mayer (on February 10, 1762), son of Johann Christoph Endter and Ottilia Brill, was born on August 28, 1698 in Weidebrunn. He married Anna Catharina Wolff, daughter of Johann Henrich Wolff and NN NN, on September 11, 1726 in Floh. She was born in October 1707 in Floh.

      Children of Johann Michel Endter and Anna Catharina Wolff:

      1. Eva Elisabetha Endter (17271788)
      2. Anna Catharina Endter (1730)
      3. NN Endter (1732)
      4. Christoph Endter (1734)
      5. Johann Michael Endter (17361797)
      6. Margaretha Elisabetha Endter (1740)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Eva Elisabetha Endter, daughter of Johann Michel Endter and Anna Catharina Wolff, was born in November 1727 in Weidebrunn and died in April 1788 in Floh at the age of 60. She married Christoph Werner on April 5, 1752 in Floh. He was born on December 7, 1729 in Floh and died on December 3, 1805 in Floh at the age of 75.

    2. Christoph Endter, son of Johann Michel Endter and Anna Catharina Wolff, was born in March 1734 in Weidebrunn. He married Anna Christina Köhler on February 10, 1762 in Schmalkalden.

    3. Johann Michael Endter, schullehrer (in 1763) and schulmeister, son of Johann Michel Endter and Anna Catharina Wolff, was born on October 29, 1736 in Weidebrunn and died on August 1, 1797 in Buch Am Ahorn at the age of 60.

      Children of Johann Michael Endter and Anna Catharina NN:

      1. Eva Elisabetha Endter (17641826)