Elisabetha Catharina NNAge: 59 years16761735

Elisabetha Catharina NN
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Death 1735 (Age 59 years)

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  1. Generation 1
    1. Elisabetha Catharina NN was born in 1676 and died in 1735 at the age of 59.

      Children of Elisabetha Catharina NN and NN Schröder:

      1. Anna Maria Schröder (17091771)
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    1. Anna Maria Schröder, daughter of NN Schröder and Elisabetha Catharina NN, was born in January 1709 and died on February 26, 1771 in Bremberg at the age of 62. She married 2 times. The first time she married Johann Henrich Anthoni, son of Johann Emrich Anthoni and Anna Maria Hennemann, on February 6, 1733 in Kördorf. He was baptized on December 8, 1701 in Kördorf and was buried on March 30, 1735 in Kördorf at the age of 33. The second time she married Philipp Conrad Debusmann on January 15, 1738 in Kördorf. He was born in 1711.

      Children of Anna Maria Schröder and Johann Henrich Anthoni:

      1. Maria Elisabetha Anthoni (17331793)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Maria Elisabetha Anthoni, leinenweber (on April 16, 1754), daughter of Johann Henrich Anthoni and Anna Maria Schröder, was born in Bremberg and died on March 12, 1793 in Kördorf. She married Johann Ludwig Debusmann, son of Johann Philips Debusmann and Maria Christina NN, on April 16, 1754 in Kördorf. He was baptized on November 24, 1725 in Kördorf and died on July 21, 1809 in Kördorf at the age of 83.

      Children of Maria Elisabetha Anthoni and Johann Ludwig Debusmann:

      1. Maria Dorothea Debusmann (17571814)
      2. Johann Henrich Debusmann