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Please note that the Internet Databases just contain the direkt ancestors and their siblings for the youngest offspring of our ancestral line.

Descendants trees generated with the Internet database will therefore not contain all known descendants and thus be incomplete.

In total, my family research is much more extensive. For an overview of the names and locations covered, visit the remarks for genealogists on my website.

For reasons of data protection, information on living persons as well as detailed information and sources are not published. On request, I can help seriously interested family researchers with individual information and sources from my research results.

If you use my data in your own research, it is recommended to reference this Internet databases as source.

When taking over and possibly publishing information from my research results, please note that these are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which basically means that they may be shared and further processed for any non-commercial purposes if I am named as the originator and the retransmission is done under the same license as the original. The exact terms are in the license agreement, which is linked to the logo...
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If applicable, other license rights remain unaffected. This applies in particular to photos from church books and the use of our family crest (please refer to the Imprint)!

For further information, e.g. about our family history, family crest and surname or links, I recommend to have a look at the main page familie-stern.de.

Have fun and success with your research
Jens-Peter Stern

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Statistics — Familie Stern | Genealogie

This family tree was last updated on December 12, 2019.

Total surnames
Total events
Top 15 surnames
NN (287), Stern (70), Schupp (67), Becker (65), Zimmermann (64), Debus (60), Brecht (49), Michel (42), Laubach (36), Sopp (36), Müller (35), Meister (33), Wolff (32), Brodt (27), Plies (27)
Top 15 given names
Anna (448), Maria (313), Catharina (274), Elisabetha (190), NN (134), Margaretha (121), Eva (77), Barbara (64), Dorothea (62), Christina (47), Magdalena (35), Elisabeth (26), Ottilia (21), Flora (19), Katharina (17)

Johann (534), Philipp (163), Georg (144), Adam (87), Jacob (79), Peter (78), Henrich (72), Wilhelm (53), Johannes (51), Martin (36), NN (34), Hans (34), Michael (32), Hanß (28), Christoph (27)

Pedigree of Jens-Peter Stern

On this day
Elisabetha BrechtJanuary 19, 1822198Birth
Maria Salome MößingerJanuary 19, 1814206Death
Philipp Jacob ClaasJanuary 19, 1810210Death
Matthias JöhlinJanuary 19, 1774246Birth
Georg Adam SternJanuary 19, 1761259Birth
Eva HauerJanuary 19, 1735285Death
Elisabetha Barbara WürthJanuary 19, 1702318Birth
Johann Conrad NNJanuary 19, 1680340Death
Michael Schlegelafter January 19, 1678342Death
Anna Katharina GrossJanuary 19, 1675345Birth
Michael SchlegelJanuary 19, 1646374Birth
Philipp Jacob Zimmermann + Eva Catharina BeckerJanuary 19, 1796224Marriage
Johann Philipp Colonius + Anna Elisabetha MichelJanuary 19, 1733287Marriage
Upcoming events
Oswald Albrecht SternJanuary 20, 198931Auszeichnung
Margaretha Barbara TrumppJanuary 20, 1835185Death
Anna Eva DebusJanuary 20, 1797223Death
Anna Elisabetha NassauJanuary 20, 1740280Birth
Antonius Philips JacobJanuary 20, 1728292Occupation
Johann Georg KoelnerJanuary 20, 1712308Birth
Johann Georg KoelnerJanuary 20, 1712308Christening
Johann Georg KoelnerJanuary 20, 1712308Religion
Johannes FrantzJanuary 20, 1684336Death
Johann Joachim Mengel + Eva Elisabetha ZimmermannJanuary 20, 1750270Marriage
Philips Henrichs Jacobi + Anna Elisabetha MichelJanuary 20, 1728292Marriage
Johann Peter MeisterJanuary 21, 1842178Birth
Elisabetha BrechtJanuary 21, 1822198Christening
Elisabetha BrechtJanuary 21, 1822198Religion
Maria Margaretha SchätzleinJanuary 21, 1822198Death
Maria Salome MößingerJanuary 21, 1814206Burial
Jost Jacob Johann BeckerJanuary 21, 1792228Death
Philips Henrichs JacobiJanuary 21, 1777243Burial
Matthias JöhlinJanuary 21, 1774246Christening
Johann Simon BrechtJanuary 21, 1773247Death
Johann HoffmannJanuary 21, 1733287Death
Johann HoffmannJanuary 21, 1733287Burial
Johann Henrich MichelJanuary 21, 1690330Burial
Anna Agnes BonnJanuary 21, 1655365Christening
Anna Agnes BonnJanuary 21, 1655365Religion
Hans MaulJanuary 21, 1627393Burial
Hans MaulJanuary 21, 1627393Occupation
Johann Caspar Jost + Anna Catharina SchuppJanuary 21, 1783237Marriage
… … + … …January 21, 1768252Marriage
Johann Philipp Schupp + Maria Elisabetha ReithJanuary 21, 1722298Marriage
Johann Wilhelm Hörner + Anna HörnerJanuary 21, 1662358Marriage
Johann Adam SternJanuary 22, 1914106Death
Johann Georg BeckerJanuary 22, 1812208Death
Philipp Jacob MichelJanuary 22, 1797223Death
Johann Philipp FrantzJanuary 22, 1787233Death
Elisabetha Catharina DebusJanuary 22, 1782238Death
Maria Christina NNJanuary 22, 1743277Burial
Anna Margaretha SternJanuary 22, 1698322Death
Johann Niclas SternJanuary 22, 1691329Burial
Hannß Wendel BrechtJanuary 22, 1672348Birth
Henrich Jakob Bauer + Eva Magdalene BeckerJanuary 22, 1837183Marriage
Johann Caspar Claas + Anna Catharina ZimmermannJanuary 22, 1815205Marriage
Philipp Jacob Claas + Anna Flora ColoniusJanuary 22, 1788232Marriage
Johann Peter Gräbert + Anna Margaretha BornichJanuary 22, 1661359Marriage
Hans Drach + Dorothea FüncknerJanuary 22, 1637383Marriage